Consistent desync on the same .rms at random time (40:00 - 1:30:00) (AoE2 HD)

Game Version:

  • Build ((####))


One guy created a simple map arena-golden-rush-like. It is was not obvious for the first matches but only after 2 days of playing with different players (i guess more than 20 different players) we noticed that desync happens every single time on this map. Dont think that desync happens because of this map! Map has not the direct reason to desync. We played so much matches that no any action can be accounted as cause of the bug. Every time desync happens at different time but every time all players had a good boom and some fights. After we get noticed that this is consistent we begin to test. We are tested all possible and impossible actions, even watched on the birdst. There is still no final result about bug. We could not find it. If anyone can tell what causes a desync and how its happens we can find a totally new bug in the game. In theory this bug can be used to intentionally stop the match by whatever reason.
So, here some ideas what can cause a bug. Most convenient is that cause of bug is a finishing new building. In one replay game stopped immediately after one built a monastery (sound still played when game ended). In other replay one finished TC and same happened. In another replay one finished castle and in 1 second games was stopped.
I can give all files including .rms and replays.

update: creator of the map saying that apparently problem with create_connect_teams_lands code. But we are not sure because last days we getting desyncs just everywhere in AoE2 HD and in AoE2 DE