Console? Beta Goodies? Pre-Order Bonus? Physical Version?

Hello every body! I got a few questions here. I did not grew up with Age of Empires like many (I Only had consoles before) and last year I bought Age of Empires II HD on Steam and I love it (I love ancient times stuff). I am definitively looking to play Age of Empires Ultimate Edition! I remember playing a game when we first got a PC at home, it was called Tzar: The Burden of the Crown, anyone played this before? Anyways, back to my questions:

  1. Will there ever be a console release for Xbox One?
    I am more comfortable playing on a console even if I know RTS are better on PC with a mouse, but if I am 100% sure this game will never come out on console, I won’t hesitate to buy it on my PC!

  2. Is there anything to gain from playing the beta? (Like an emblem or anything special?)
    I don’t know how the multiplayer works, I don’t know if there is an emblem or a nameplate, I have no idea, I am just wondering.

  3. Is there a bonus to gain from pre-ordering the game? (Emblem, Other Age of Empires game code, anything special again?)

  4. Will there be a physical version release?

Thank you and have a nice day!

1-Not announced, so the answer is not.
2-lol, no.
3-first pre order(october) get Rise of Nations game.