console controls

hi all im new to the forum and wanted to get started by discussing the console controller as we all know the originals and those on steam use keyboard and mouse giving us a good amount of options to play with ie you can group up units with control 1 - 9 on the numpad but dose any body know how they are planning to implement this onto the console controller ? i would assume there will be some sort of hot bar to cycle through where you can hold the corresponding button down to bring up a option wheel ?

I believe the good ol’ mouse and keyboard is going to stay the preferred method of input for this, not actually sure if there is going to even be a reason to include controller support to be honest… Also keep in mind there’s no console port planned for now.

why they would need to make it work for console controller?

The game is Windows Store exclusive. It uses Xbox Live for the multiplayer networking. The game is not coming out on Xbox.

Pc exclusive.

RTS is not played well with console controls, someone who faces console control against another person who has keyboard and mouse will always lose, there is no speed in the console control.