Console Release?

We know AoE 2 DE and AoE 4 will come to the consoles in 2023. Does anyone know if they are planning any console release for AoE 3 DE as well? It is my favorite.


To my knowledge it’s only AOE 2 DE and AOE 4

Would be great for the game - player base would definitely increase in that case. But will Microsoft make this decision? I didn’t hear any rumors about it.

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Let’s see how playable AoE2 and AOE4 are on console first.
I’m afraid it won’t be that nice to play AoE with a controller.

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PS and XBOX both support mouse and keyboard input.
The problem isn’t the input, it is optimizing the game to a much lower level, in order to work on lower speced consoles.
This is probably going to be a problem including for AoE2, cause some of the old code will likely run slow on new hardware generation.
Aoe3 is already the most resource hungry game in the saga, it will likely require the most effort to port.

But who want’s to hook up their keyboard to the Xbox? It’s likely in the living room and not at a desk.

Also all Xbox games have to have controller support so this game will too.

The Xbox Series S should be able to run it at close to max details in 1080 pretty reliable.
The Xbox Series X in 1440p at last.

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This is not true at all.
I’m playing on laptop with mobile GeForce GTX 1050 (not Ti). With this poor graphic card I have stable 40 FPS in AoE3DE with highest details in 1080p. AOE IV is playable only on lowest seetings for me (at least it was the case one year ago, didn’t check since).
AOEIV definitely require more processing power to be playable.

But as Microsoft said, AOE games are coming only to Xbox Series S/X consoles which are way more powerful than my old PC. Don’t worry about processing power.

Regarding keyboard and mouse, I don’t think more than 2-5% people will even consider playing console game on mouse and keyboard. Great that it will be supported, but only tiny amount of players will use it. Console is supposed to be played on TV sitting on a couch, mouse and keyboard doesn’t fit there.
So, as @Skadidesu said, comfort control with a gamepad is a key.

From my understanding it will cross play with PC for both. IIRC from the announcement.