Constant in game crash to desktop

tried uninstalling and re installing
tried increasing virtual memory
tried windowed mode
tried low graphics
so far i’ve only tried campaign but it happens every time i try to play
nothing in event viewer, game just closes and that’s it.

windows 10
i9 9900k
32gb ram
1tb m.2

I just got 12 crashes in a row just from trying to boot up different campaigns. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. researching now. I think this game has poor memory resource allocation, which is a problem that a lot of amateur game developers incur.

Blows my mind that this was allowed to be released to the public in this current state,its absolutely unplayable on both of my machines

Mine appears to be linked to Nvida container or Corsair air link.

3 crashes all with this as the possible cause. Rolled back 2 driver generations still no good.

Nice how Games only have forums where we all have to sort out our own problems together. Might be time for a refund request.

Okay, I fixed my problem by increasing the page size and running windows update a million times in a row until everything was current.

I have 8gb ram, 580 8gb and a Ryzen 7 oc’ed quadcore and this still can’t handle 4k resoultions at 60fps…

what page size did you go with? i have 4983 min and 20000 max. it didn’t help

i checked out my problem history and there wasn’t any errors involving nvidia or corsair.

8gb to 10gb i cant remember the exact numbers.

Try updating windows until you get the latest frameworks.

Are you using Steam or Microsoft Store? I got the game on discount from the microsoft store and it wouldnt let me install without the latest windows 10

checked for updates, only thing that was available was some antivirus definitions. i used microsoft store.

just downloaded the most recent update that was realeased for aoe2 de and tried a game in campaign, still crashed.

I add up to the huge list of players unable to PLAY this game.
I payed 20€ and wasted countless hours because of your unprofessionalism.

Tried without UHD, same problem.
Tried increasing pagefile, no more crash, but freezes at the same frequency (sound but image stuck).
All drivers updated, w10 up to date, no firewall/antivirus etc.

This is unacceptable.

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