Constantly crashes when starting a new game

What basically happens is that the screen where I see the other players and myself loads, then the tiny red and yellow bits in the background starts freezing and game crashes to desktop.

played for over a year, after the last update I just can’t enter either the skirmish or the rating game

has anyone else encountered such a problem? help find a solution


Yep, I’m having the same issue. So far I haven’t found a solution, except from patching back to the previous version, which enables single player but not multiplayer obviously.

Same goes for me sadly.

same here. The reason is probably that you have special characters in your windows user profile. For exemple, my name contains “é” which is not a recognised symbol for the game which can’t have the access to the files requiered to launch games.

We’re currently investigating this issue, thank you for the report.

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same problem here any solution?




After the recent puch still having this issue ;(