Constructive Criticism for Noobs

Hi This Topic is for noobs to post matches of 1v1 and receive helpful advice from the community. Please watch comment and have fun. Don’t be afraid of coming across rude constructive criticism is welcome.

Please watch this match. Tell me how to improve. (I am Blue). The match is BF Teutons vs Ethiopians.


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Make wood camp closer to wood

Make Siege units

collect relics earlier


Watch the ‘Art of War’ from game’s main menu for some good tutorial tips, as I referred to in my earlier post that the forum somehow deleted. I planned to watch your vid and say more, but can’t risk spending my valuable time and losing more posts here, so good luck! Other threads have been more stable, so I’ll see you in those ones!

I never understood why siege units. I use trebuchets and and siege onagers but whats the point of scorpions or siege towers or rams. trebuchets are way better.

I don’t use siege towers but they can be used for a quick sneak attack. Siege Onagers are very powerful… it’s straight damage so you can take out incoming slow units… it requires the opponent to think and regroup. Siege Onagers are very good at clearing trash units. In some situations you only need 3-4 behind to clear and prevent large groups of archers, skirms, or pikes. In larger mass of 8-10 siege Onagers can take down elephants, Paladins, eagles… it’s always good to have a little meat shield up front of them to slow down the incoming units and then fire on your own trash units in close quarters with the enemy trash if they get overwhelmed. They take down Trebs and Rams easy… their counter is bombard cannons and an open area where cavalry can go right up to them so you have to learn to be patient.

Mass heavy scorps are extremely strong too… keep them near your Trebs

trebs are arguably the best siege in early imp, specially if your goal is to take down enemy castle which is already in your line of sight, but its not always the same scenario in every game and they have 3 down sides, first they are extremely expensive and they are relatively much easier to take down ( if they are not under your castle ) compared to siege rams, and second you need castle(s) in order to train them, which in many strategies you either dont wanna build castles, or you just want to build defensive castles to protect your base rather than building forward castles, and third, sure they will give you a safe push with a long distance from enemy probably under your own castle, but a safe push comes with a cost which can be critical in lots of cases, and that is being SLOW
to be honest, i was like you and i refused using rams for a long time, but if you use them for a few times ( specially siege rams ) you will find out what kind of edges they give to you that trebs cant give. first of all they are the cheapest " building focus " siege unit in the game with costing 160 wood and only 75 gold, same gold cost as a knight, so you can easily decide to spam them and overrun your enemy’s base giving the fact you dont need castles in order to train them, you can just build multiple siege workshops. which means you dont need to babysit them as much as trebs, losing 5-6 rams during a push attempt is not that much of a big deal, while losing 5-6 trebs can even endup losing you the game because of the massive amount of gold cost and longer creation time
second of all, there are ALOT of times that your enemy makes only archers in castle age and decides to stick with them in imperial, without adding any melee units or just adding a few, mostly because of the limited tech tree that their civ has, if you manage to mass siege rams ( i would say about 7-10 ) which is not really hard giving their low gold cost, with your main army behind them you can overrun your enemy’s base so fast without even letting them to do a tech switch, because they do crazy high damage to buildings, they do not need unpack and pack therefore they can reach and attack the next building alot faster, they deal aoe damage to buildings around them, they are very tanky, and most importantly in my opinion, siege rams make the game chaotic for the defender, you have to manually select your ranged units and tell them who to attack otherwise they will waste their time attacking the rams, all of the defensive buildings will attack at the rams because they are the closest object to them and the defender again has to manually tell the buildings who to attack, the defender has to AGAIN manually tell the melee units to only attack the rams, this is all when he is losing his buildings, and because of all of the chaos that has been made you can actually kill and raid other units with your main army instead of keeping them idle under your siege waiting for them to slowly take down buildings one by one which gives your enemy a better chance to think and execute a counter play because of the relatively slower push that he has to deal with WHILE he is repairing his under siege buildings

about scorpions and siege towers, they are both situational. scorpions are great against infantry units when either you dont have a better option against them or your civilization has a siege bonus. a great example would be slavs and celts. if enemy infantry is out matching your infantry, lets say you are celts and you are facing japenese samurais, your civ doesnt have access to good archers or gunpowder, so you will make scorpions to deal with them. and in general a crazy amount of mass scorpions can beat nearly every other mass of units in the game xD and obviously they are great in choke point fights
and well siege towers are obvious, when your enemy has one layer of wall and you want to harass their economy with none-mounted units without investing into taking down the walls or just for a surprise attack you’ll go for them


Keep making wood camps closer. Trust me.

If you like to play Teutons, you should scout before massing Teutonic Knights. Ok, here you walled the passage so it could be dangerous, but Ethiopians are an archer civ and Arbalests are often a better option for them than Shotels, so there was a high chance that his army could hard counter yours. Not to mention that like Teutons they have good siege onagers so they could have decided to use them to cut another path through the trees.

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Also on Black forest you should always get loom because of all the predators. Not to mention that if your enemy manages to rush you it’s gg real fast without it.

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  1. Wall at the beginning of the game and get loom asap for possible vill fight
  2. Learn a build order by watching a tutorial in youtube or by practicing with cicero’s interactive build order.
  3. Mills and lumbercamps must be placed to touch as many trees/bushes as possible. With gold you can leave 1 tile space, but you want it still as near to as many tiles as possible.

Most important thing is learning a build order, some FC build order is the best for BF, if you can get the walls up and there is no feudal aggression.