Consulate bug?

I have a query with regard to the consulates and how they function currently.

For Eg: Otto Consulate

  • 4 vills/6 minutemen/2 Great Bombards : when sent, they appear at the town center or wherever the home city shipment has been set to. Not at the consulate.

  • Otto Expeditionary Company/Force/Army/Brigade : when sent, appear only at the consulate and not at the town center or home city shipment.

I’m pretty sure the other consulates have a similar way of functioning too. Because right now, it’s annoying to see your huss batch pop way back from your consulate in base whereas your vills and minutemen pop from the agra (homecity shipment).

My problem with this is the random pop of these units at two different buildings. Can we not standardize it, so all units pop only at the home city shipment point and not from the consulate?

The force/company/army are trained at the consulate like how a barracks trains units.

While the other things are shipments.

I don’t know if these are balance decisions. Having your first delis pop out in the middle of a map from your Agra Fort could add too much of a boost to your rush.

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I agree it would be nice to standardize it but it would potentially lead to some insane unit pops.

From the Agra you could time a Urumi pop + batch of sepoy + 9 redcoats/1 falc or the 7 jans/3huss followed up by Ottoman minutemen.

The Daimyo I think would be more concerning with this change. You could run the Daimyo into your opponents eco and send 14 ashi + 16ruyter/3mortar or 7 lancers/3 falcs or Hatamoto samurai.

I guess the age 5 consulate army does go to the shipment point though but at that point players are probably walled up so the Daimyo pop probably would be harder.

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Ah, so it is intentional, and the insane pops make a lot of sense to not have a standardized way of going about it. Thanks @Osprey23103109 @SnowLynx2

About consulate balance, indian one hasnt any lategame buff unlike Japan and China while people keep saying that India is too powerfull on supremacy (i dont think that but whatever)

india does get 1 very strange lategame buff from their consulate.

The otto vil tech increases vil cap to 104

Wooaaaw, as powerfull as a factory, an arsenal or a bank…