Consulate units and native mercenaries — are these tags necessary?

Consulate unit
This tag is now overused and extends far beyond Asian consulates.

I think it is more for the convenience of auto-upgrades, but it is now quite inconsistent too:

Also most of the consulate units do not overlap with the regular units of the respective civs. They can be simply implemented as the same regular units (if there is no plan to reskin them) and a shadow tech on individual units (and there are not a lot of them).

BTW I don’t think autoupgrade should apply to such units beyond real consulates, commandaries, and church tech units that you cannot train. The rest should be treated like Spanish soldado (still needs manual upgrades).

The upgrades (shadowtech or not) could also be bundled like African unit upgrades, or tied with a related unit like longbow and ranger.

Native mercs
I’m talking about merctype1, one that applies to home city shipments of native units. They don’t take population slots and have their own build limit.

This is to avoid native cards and native settlements colliding with each other. However, as we now have means of giving native units pops and training more native units, such things happen all the time (like Inca on maps with Caribs or Germans on maps with Habsburgs, etc.). I wonder if it is still a major concern.

More importantly, there is effectively no counter or bonus related to those tags. They always co-exist with some other tags (like native merc and native warrior) that could replace their role.


In my opinion, the units available through the Consulate should be completely replaced by Colonial Units of European powers. I think it would be a much more interesting diversion of entertainment and it would also be much more historically accurate.

Basically, the Colonial units that are currently treasure guards are already ready (Colonial Gunslinger, Colonial Looter, Colonial Officer, Colonial Swashbuckler, Colonial Oppressor + Conquistador and Cannoneer) - you just need to modify them a bit and replace the currently available European units in the Consulate.

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I can imagine consulate units being reskinned to real “expedition” units (they existed and were many) instead of say Dutch sending blue guards to Japan. But that’s a different topic.


Those units would work better for Africa than the orient though.

Maybe the Purbiya could be one? They were Eastern Indian mercenaries, but the British made good use of them as well, particularly the East India Company. (It’s the one on the right)