Content Editor Bug (abilities)

I may have found a bug.

Steps to reproduce:
In abilities, cloned the stealth landmark ability. (malians)
In cloned stealth landmark, added a requirement node
in requirement node, add a required entity
in required entity blueprint, point to malians landmarkf_mal this is the huntress castle landmark.
In ebps, clone the malian building defense outpost
in defense outpost, added the new cloned ability.

The ability shows on the defense outpost as a buff to the defense outpost. However, when malian infantry enter into the range of the defense outpost, they do not receive the buff.

Malian infantry who enter into the malian stealth buff should receive the buff if the ability was cloned from the parent.

The ability cloning may not be copying over everything. After looking at the editor, it feels like there are pieces of the files that are simply inaccessible. Specifically, it feels like there is a file somewhere that has listeners defined for abilities that are linked to units. It would be nice if that file were to be exposed, or a tutorial on linking listeners/abilities were to be published. Thanks :slight_smile:

I will have the UGC team investigate what the expected behavior/process should be. Thanks @Shaithias!