Content Editor Unusable with Weird Overlay

Hello, I am not sure if this is a bug or a setting? I have this gray zoomed in overlayed gray lettering blocks my view in multiple of the windows. I temporarily fixed it in the past by uninstalling (via steam) the editor, then re-installing it. But it has come back and I cannot fix it that way again. Is this a setting that I accidently activated? Is it a bug? Is it my computer? Has anyone else reported this problem? I can provide more data if necessary. Or a video. The overlay moves around with the mouse. Thank you for any help.

version = Though this is the game. I am using the latest editor if that matters.
. Windows Defender (Standard)
. Steam ID: 76561199188719072
. Gamertag: John Dresty

DxDiag.txt (113.6 KB)


Oops. I see it was the overlay FPS thing from Steam, which we need to broadcast the game. But there is even a help page that mentions this. Sorry.

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