Contest Idea for New Asian Civilization

Summary: Make a contest for modders to create a new Asian Civilization. Add the new Civ to the official AoE3 DE by the end of 2020

I am truly impressed with the details put into the Swedes and Incas. They are two unique civs, I can’t imagine the amount of work put into them. For that, a big thank you.

However, we get one new european civ and one new native civ, there’s something missing right? I get that from the three cultures, Asians were the more complicated choice to create a new faction for. Artistically they demand a new set of units, skins for builings and new wonders. Conceptually, you will need to think about auras, temporary boosts, wonder effects, uniqueness gameplay, etc. That is more than what is required for europeans and natives. Again, I understad why they werent your favourite choice and that is why I am not asking you to break your head again to create a new civ -althou I really want to ask for it-.

So I propose instead that you organize a contest for modders to create a new Asian civ. Have you seen the amount of mods with new content for Age of Empires out there? You will surely get a lot of participants. This will not only make a ton of people happy, it will also get you more players from Asian countries (as a lot of peruvians are gonna buy the game only bc of the Incas), and above all be a good promoting tool. After all the testing is done from the community you will have new a balanced civilization to include in the offical DE. This will not take much time from your developears and you will make your always imposible to satisfy fans -myself included- be quiet for a while. You could offer a prize or even make it free -but I know MS has money-. Its up to you, it will only take a little effort from you, and you will involve modders too into the creation process, the community grows, etc, etc. Win-Win situation.

We could even get an update patch with the new Asian Civilization by the end of the year. You could also select an specific civilization (I mean fitted for the period of AoE3) for the contest, let’s say Persians, and chose the better version/representation of Persia from all the participants.

Please give AoE3 more love, because I think you dont plan to give us new content after DE :cry:,

I am missing some, but for modders check out this pages:


I guess Koreans. They’re the one MAJOR missing asian civ that we don’t have.


for Asian civs these 2 mods are great to give u ideas :

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For real? From little things I read they said they were in conflict mostly with China and Japan and were not a major power like them. I could be wrong thou …

That’s exactly what I mean. There’s content already inmagined>made>tested, Microsoft only needs to promote a contest to motivate people to re-do it for DE.
The new civ will balance itself out and could be included soon.

you are right. korea was invaded by japan in 1592, and korea military power was almost destroyed soon after the invasion began, so korean relied on chinese(or ming) army in most battle because korea is a vassal state of ming dynasty at that time


Inca and Swedes are great, but Italians are still missing and Koreans would be great

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That aregument isn’t valid. Civs are represented on their peak, not in the exact same year.

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I want to believe that they will indeed add new civilizations later, but asking for more Asians and more Europeans will be too much. Thats why I am only asking for one new Civ (they dont even have to create it :joy: … other people will). And I am actually asking for an Asian Civilization because those are the most interesting to learn and play.

-Wonders are a treat for the eye.
-Auras and boosts require gampeplay and positioning.
-you can even get seriously interested in the culture of the civ -it happened to me with Japan-

And in the end they added one European and one American Native, so adding a new Asian Civilization is only fair.

What period of Korea will you choose? How will you desing the civ? Any info?

Easy. Just look at the Korea from Wars of Liberty. Has archers, pikemen, wacha, tutle ship… And also kamikaze bulls with explosives hahaha

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I will try them. The problem with the mods is that since they are unofficial few people play them and you have less possibilities to try the content. That’s why I want Microsoft to officialize at least one Asian civ from the mods! xD

Ya i think korea is the most well-designed civ of wol. Their units are pretty historical accurate except the iron flail, though balance is a big issue i think the community will deal with it.

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Korea with their turtle ships and hwach’a would be absolutely amazing.


Korea, certainly! To complete the picture of conflicts in the Far East!

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will you care to elaborate?