Control Group Restriction/Override Logic

Hi Devs!

Can you please add control group logic resulting in a menu toggle that says something like “Do Not Override Units Already in a Control Group”, or, “Restrict Units Already in a Control Group”

Here is the idea - I press the hotkey for “Select all Idle Military Units”, then I want to put them in a group. Great I can do that no problem…but consider this scenario: I have three groups of idle units:1) the top right-hand corner idle ready for a raid, 2) my main idle force in the middle, 3) my recently produced rallied idle units somewhere near my base. My wish is to be able to get group #3 to the front line or elsewhere. This is where the problem occurs. “Selecting all Idle Units” will select my entire idle army (all groups), however I just want to select & move group #3.

My suggested solution to this is to create a control group restriction/override, where if a unit is already in a control group then it cannot be added to a new control group without first clearing them from their original control group.

The flow of unit selection would then be,

  1. Add raid group #1 and main force #2 to control groups.
  2. “Select All Idle Military”
  3. Control + 3 to put only the rallied idle units until Group #3, without changing the other selected units’ groups from #1 and #2.

Also, for this to work best please please please remove Scouts from being selected when selecting “All Military” Idle or Not

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