Control group system becomes glitched suddenly

This issue has been there in the last 3 patches and I am unsure how to replicate the same. Perhaps I overuse control groups.

What happens is if I have a lot of units on control groups, the whole system gets bugged and all my units become one massive control group with 1,2,3,4,5,6… on top of their head when I select any particular group. When this glitch is in place, whatever number you choose, all units get that control group.

Only new units you can move to certain groups by using Shift and they get only a single number. If you use the control key the glitch kicks in for that group also.

Once I am in this glitch mode, I have no way to get out, even clicking on the ground and one by one try to Control + 1 to try removing the numbers only leads to a command where all the units get selected.

While holding the control button to click on any other number even the control key goes like dr.dr.dr.dr.dr.dr.dr. Like some void command sound.

Next time this occurs I will try to get a video and explain the issue better.

Thank you for the report @PoutyAlpaca4190! I’ll keep my eye on this. Let me know if you run across any specifics that may be causing this. We are doing some upcoming work on control groups, so hopefully a fix for this is caught up in that. Appreciate it!

HI Savage - I figured it out. While setting up my hotkeys, somehow select control group 6 got replaced by mistake with just the button Control.

Basically what was happenning was whenever I pressed control, it would keep going dr.dr.dr.dr.dr. because it was trying to reach to control group 6 and that didn’t exist. Apparently now after a while, this just bugs out all the control groups.

Once by mistake any unit gets selected into control group 6, each time I try to get any new unit and try and remove the control group by deselecting units. It would just select control group 6, and other control groups got added now! :smiley:

Long story short, I think once I fixed the hotkey issue to be unique to control + A (which is what I intended originally), all these issues went away.

Only thing would be nice to have (not a must) is to Not allow Control to be a hotkey on its own or give a warning for such presets. Rest of the system is alright.

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