Control Navigation is not Supported in Text Boxes

Game Version:

  • Build All Versions up through and including the February Update
  • Platform Steam


It’s standard to use the Control key to operate on “words” when typing in a text box. For example, Control+Backspace deletes the enter word that precedes the cursor, not just a single character. And Control+Arrow Key lets you navigate the cursor left/right one word at a time, not just one character at a time. Even though this behavior is quite standard (I’m even using it while typing this post in the forum right now), DE doesn’t seem to support it. For people accustomed to using the feature, it can make editing text feel rather cumbersome.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start a game.
  2. Press Enter to bring up the chat menu.
  3. Type some words, with words separated by spaces.
  4. Attempt to use Control navigation (e.g. Control+Arrow Keys or Control+Backspace).