Control Settings - Team Chat

Hi Guys, when I opened game for 1st time and basic control settings pop-ed up, I removed ENTER from Team chat and left it blank.

Now I cant use team chat, because in game control setting there is no field for team chat, only global chat. Any advise how to set it back to ENTER? I tried to uninstall game but didn’t work. Initial control settings didn’t pop up again.



Same problem for me. I thought like “maybe i corrupted the hotkey file so if I set it to default I’ll be good.”
It didn’t work neither. In addition to that, I verfied the game files via steam. But the issue persists.

Now I’m thinking maybe I should use another steam account with family sharing but hey this is a very very very “basic & fundamental” multiplayer game feature which was present even in Counter Strike 1.5 (20 years ago LOOL) Since this is a “MULTIPLAYER” game dear DEVS you have to reconsider why you released this game in such an incomplete and raw state and charged us AAA game price. Maybe you should reconsider pouring your precious financial investments into nonsense aggressive advertisements of AOE4. Instead of that fixing the game with BIG patches is a good start!

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

I fixed this. In Settings click on Reset All and also Reset Control Profile.