Conversion causes issues in post game score screen

Conversions don’t appear to affect the military or villager totals on the score screen. It appears that these totals are tabulated based on a delta. I.E every time a military unit is spawned the “total” goes up one and when they die it goes down one, however conversions aren’t taken into consideration in this.

If you have 5 military units and your monk converts an army of 50 your military population remains at 5 postgame. When these 50 units die they are counted, which means you end up with -45 military count on the end screen at that point in time. I had an opponent with over -80 military count on the end screen for nearly the entire game after a very depressing early game conversion that got my allies entire knight army.

Conversely the player who had units converted never gets those counted towards his deaths, and had a military count well above 200 in the score screen at the end of the game, which is clearly impossible.

See the attached image from the game

You’ll notice it also affects both of their military scores, the player who successfully converted those troops ends up with a massively negative score. The player who got converted ends up with the best score for the same reason. (Blue was converted, Teal was the converter).

Also note blue’s “Largest Army” of 298. Teal also snagged a much smaller number of other players units in one or two other instances during conversions, and is likely the cause for yellow to have 204 as well.

Adding additional image (post would only allow 1)

Same game. Interestingly the count on the X axis goes down near the top from 274 to 246, which doesn’t make much sense but may or may not be related to the conversion bug.

Thanks @RustedVan! I’ll log this for the team. We appreciate the thorough explanation!