Conversion resistance of knights?

From the wiki it says all units except scouts and eagles have the same coversion resistance. But it seems like knights generally get converted faster than other units. I know the conversion time of all units is an RNG variable roughly between 3 and 10 sec for the average unit.

Is the knight conversion just a misconception due to luck? So an elephant and a knight have the same RNG to be converted?

yeah I believe all units except scouts and eagles have the same rate of conversion. I think knights and monks are listed as weak to monks because they’re expensive losses


Eagle units also have inheritant resistance like scout cavs. We have prior games data but i don’t know how much it applies to DE given it seems monks convert way faster although its generality can still be taken.

yeah I meant to say scouts and eagles but I typed wrong

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Spirit of the law made a video about conversion rates.

DE made monks stronger. Basically conversions in average take 7.0 sec instead of 7.9 sec now and the maximum time after which they will be converted no matter what went from 12.5 to 11 seconds.

He didn’t mention special things about knights being converted faster. Not sure if there is such a thing but theoretically there shouldn’t be such a thing.


cool thanks, probably a good thing monks were buffed, still hardly see them

Fixed in february patch - “Fixed a legacy issue where monk conversion times would vary based on the performance of the player’s computer. This addresses an issue where conversions would sometimes complete faster than intended.”


If it is really fixed thats nice. I thought I heard many people complain about how fast their units/knights were converted even after the feb patch.

Because its RNG based on a value between 3 and 10 seconds. If you’re unlucky your units will be converted in 3 seconds each time. And that’s game time, so irl it’s faster. And even faster when spain is involved…