Conversion resistance

Hi guys. So, I’m kind of a newb trying to figure out AOEDE. After going through the tutorial scenerios, the next batch of single player campaigns have a huge learning curve. I discovered some cheat codes to give me a leg up against my formidable foes, but now I’ve run into an enemy with TONS of priests who keep converting my troops and turning them against me. No matter how many units I generate, with my own priests to heal, I keep getting wiped out. When I try to convert them, my priests get killed before I make a dent in their army. I have been stuck on this for days now. What am I missing? Is there a cheat code to resist conversion or some other trick to learn? TIA!

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Use chariots. They have a bonus.

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Chariot archers are especially useful as they have range, damage bonus vs priests, and are conversion resistant. Same goes for regular and scythe chariots, though you have to get close to attack.

Boats also have a small bit of conversion resistance I think.

Another trick is to send in cheap units to be converted, then kill the priests while they are recharging.

Using attack ground from catapults can help as the AI won’t move the priests away like they would if you fire on them directly.

Use your own priests to re-convert units.

Btw which scenario are you playing?

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Okay, thanks. I’m on Glory of Greece in single player.

I guess you won’t be able to use chariots being Greek. And Greek has pretty poor archers too.

I suppose you could try sending in some cheap axemen to get converted, then rush in to kill the priests with cavalry. Or focus on the priests with siege. Boats if you can stay near water.

Slow and powerful gold units will normally have trouble vs priests.

Is that map where you need back and take the relic.
Use archers+ towersuses archers as bait. Use tower rush and a catapult following them. But far from priest.

If it’s the Conquest of Crete (capture artifact, destroy temple).

I’d build a military base forward, and create a lot of slingers and short swordsmen. Don’t forget to research logistics in gov centre so you can make 2x as many barracks units. Add a stone thrower to destroy enemy towers from behind your slingers and swordsmen.

Once you’ve killed off enough enemy archers and swordsmen, march firmly towards the priests to take them out. Don’t be distracted by buildings or a few enemy units.

Remember you only need to destroy the temple and turn the artifact blue by having your units near it and no yellow units within a few tiles. This saves you from having to raze the whole town.

There are plenty of resources in your base and around the map, so you should be fine there.