Conversion speed too fast

I just played today a game which i should 100% have lost (6200 score vs 4700 score and against a huge enemy army), however I got a lucky conversion and was kinda surprised how fast and convenient the warrior-monk-conversion is. Not only did it caught my enemy off-guard but also me aswell. In my opinion this feature should be rather a gimmick than this op. 1 good conversion and this dude lost this game which is kinda sad for him :confused:
So my suggestions:

  • Dont let the monk move during conversion
  • Make it atleast 10 sec long



well, that’s was really a gamechanger

i think the monk should be more distinguishable in the bunch (the hitbox is also a problem) and/or the wololo warning more standing out. Ahich is the same problem i have with “you are under attack” sound, it kind of blends in all the rumble, its inspired by AoM i think, and there it was just some weirds horn thing that didnt allert you at all.