Convert AoC mods from Voobly to DE

I’m currently attempting to bring Sheep vs Wolf, a mod made by Gallas for AoC, to AoE2DE, as the Custom Scenario scene is effectively dead on Voobly.

The part I thought would be the hardest, being converting the graphics and sound files, was actually the easiest thanks to SLX Studio. As for the data file conversion… I can’t find any information on any tool avaible that can perform said task, or any information at all on anyone who attempted at this aside from Bringing old mods to AOE2 DE? (TDI-Trees), but the OP apparently was unsuccessful. AGE (Advanced Genie Editor) is said to be able to do so, but there’s no documentation or anything on anyone using it for this specific purpose, which is converting AoC data files to AoE2DE. If you have any idea on how to do this, please help lol