Converting CD Key into Digital

Hello there!

I recently found my old hard copy of Age of Empires III (Plus The War Chiefs). I have the discs and keys to hand and sought out microsoft at first to solve this. They directed me here to ask if it would be possible to exchange my CD keys for digital copies. Thank you for any help you could provide.

@lolololXDXD123 While some publishers like Blizzard Entertainment have a system in place to redeem CD keys for digital copies, Microsoft currently does not have that available. Your best bet is to purchase AoE III during an upcoming Steam sale for 75% or more off.


Furthermore, a digital equivalent to AoE3 base game + just the The Warchiefs doesn’t even exist, so there is nothing to exchange that for. The game is currently distributed in digital form on Steam only as a complete collection package of base AoE3 + both official expansions.

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