Converting enemy transport ships

When converting an enemy transport ship, you keep the transport ship but the men inside are not converted. Fair enough.

However, these enemy soldiers still count for your enemy’s population limit!

So if you manage to convert two transport ships with 20 villagers inside each of them, the best you can do is to hide the transport ships away safely. It will cost you 2 population space, but your enemy will waste 40 population space. Basically, your population limit has become 198 and your enemy’s has become 160.

This doesn’t seem fair to me, units you can’t control shouldn’t count towards your population limit.

You don’t have this problem when your battering rams, siege towers or towers get converted. The moment it’s converted, all units will ungarrison. Of course, that’s not possible with a transport ship. (And even when it could theoretically be possible, on shallows for example, it won’t ungarrison.)


In the case of villagers, they would not count as idle? would not be possible to mass delete them using the hokeys?

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One solution would be to immediately ungarrison units to nearest land. I believe this is what happens with relic when transport ship dies which has monk with relic inside.


It is not really an issue. This is part of the game since release. In how many games you really convert an loaded transport ship? I havent seen it one time. I would call it a feature of the game.

This is so rare situatiion so has almost no impact on game. And if someone will let enemy convert his transportship, so this is simply bad play. Also what stops this player from simply destroy this ships or convert them back?


Didn’t thought too much of it but the OP is right, it sounds more like a form of laming that an actual strat that is fun to use/fight against.

Something similar has been removed from AoM in the latest patch… that was released like 4 days ago. And it was in the game for years too, so not really a problem.

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Giving the current state of the game, i dont think they need to focus on things like this.

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They should fix it if possible.


When using hotkeys to go to units, then if unit is garrisoned, then garrisoning unit/building is selected instead. So probably (now) enemy transport ship will be selected, with which you can’t do anything.

It would be quite cruel to lose transport-ship full of units + population space this way.

It is potentially one of the most harmful things you can do to a Player, however I have yet to see it in action. We should have the option to at least delete these “captured” Units.

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The AI seems to never convert transport ships. So this would only happen when playing against human players. But they are unlikely to send transport ships without any accompanying military ship, which could easily destroy the transport ship as soon as it is converted. So yes, this situation is very rare.

However, I think it should be fixed anyway. I see four possible solutions:

  1. Don’t allow monks to convert transport ships anymore.
  2. Keep the current situation, but don’t let the units inside count towards the owner’s population limit anymore.
  3. Keep the current situation, but make it far less easy to happen; for example, require Redemption to convert transport ships, and/or increase the time needed for a conversion.
  4. Monks can convert transport ships, but they will instantly be deleted (same effect as if Heresy is researched).

First solution is probably the easiest, though not everyone will be happy with it.

Letting the units get off at the nearest shore wouldn’t work, because if you convert an incoming enemy transport ship, you desperately don’t want the units inside to land at your shore…

I remember back in the time I played CD Version I often used that. I sometimes converted enemy transports and then put them next to the coast. Enemy AI have never actually dropped out its units out there, but I was able to do so. This way I converted one after another unit inside the transport and again put it in. After some time I had up to 20 free units out of one transport :smiley: I really think that was a lot of fun, so dont remove it, since it almost never is a problem in MP, but a funny thing to have in SP :wink:

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