Cool game remakes

I have really been enjoying the AOE2DE a lot recently. Loved playing it as a kid and liking it now. I totally thought it was dead for a while. With Diablo 2 getting a remake, I was thinking what other games of yesteryear would be cool. Next game that came to mind was Command and Conquer Generals & Zero Hour. It sounded awesome. I really enjoyed playing it while deployed. We sunk a lot of time in the game. So whats a game you want to see a remake of?


Civilization 2 and Red Alert 2. Yeah and ofc Age of Mythology, but a totally reworked and remastered version. The Chinese Mythology DLC is totally broken.

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I just found out that a group of developers from Forged Alliance Forever are making a new “supreme commander” type game called Sanctuary
It is looking really cool, the graphics are looking outstanding.
Hope the kickstarter passes.

Empire Earth 1 would be absolutely amazing as remake.


Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds