Cool ideas for Icons

Hey guys I don’t know about you, but icons have always been way too easy to earn! The standard Icons and ones introduced during events are usually pitifuly easy to aquire, which makes earning them pointless as it lacks any competitive edge. It would be cool if we also had icon’s that were hard to earn, so we can feel proud of them and show them off. Even use these icons to intimidate our foes! Below I have some ideas of cool icon’s that could be harder to earn, and ones we can have some fun showing off to our friends and foes!

My first idea:

•1000 plus kills in a single ranked 1v1 match: Gives you a golden icon of your Civs UU weapon. (For example if you accomplished this with Britons you are awarded a golden long bow icon. If you do it with the Franks you get a golden axe. And so on.)

•750 plus kills in a single ranked match: Silver icon of your civs UU weapon that you used when you accomplished this.

•500 plus kills in a single ranked 1v1 match: Bronze Icon of your civs UU weapon.

•Beating the extreme Ai with no cheats on standard settings: Some kind of golden Icon

•Beating the hard AI with no cheats and standard settings: some kind of silver icon

•Beating the moderate AI with no cheats and standard settings: bronze icon

•Beating two extreme Ai with no cheats and standard settings: icon

•Beating three extreme Ai with no cheats and standard settings: icon
(Still thinking of Icons for these.)

Ranked 1v1:

•500 1v1 ranked wins: Gold crown with purple emeralds. (Or something gold.)

•100 ranked 1v1 wins: Silver crown

•50 1v1 ranked wins: Bronze crown

•10 ranked 1v1 win or losses: Icon for joining the ranked pool!

Team games:

•1000 TG ranked wins: Golden Roundtable Icon

•500 ranked tg wins:
Silver Roundtable Icon

•100 TG ranked wins: Bronze Round Table

•10 tg ranked wins or losses: Icon for joining the pool
( If you can think of a cooler one for TG please comment and add your idea below!)

•Art of War: You should get a cool Icon when you earn gold, silver and bronze in the Art of War missions. This might give new and intermediate players a fun reason to try to earn those!

Haven’t thought of what the icon should be for these exactly but they should be split like this:

•Rank in the top 100 on 1v1 : Gold Icon
•Rank in the top 1000 on 1v1: Silver
•Rank in the top 10,000 on 1v1: Bronze

•Rank in the top 100 on TG: Gold
•Rank in the top 1000 on TG: Silver
•Rank in the top 10,000 on Tg: Bronze

•Earn a 1100 Elo on 1v1
•Earn a 1200 Elo on 1v1
•Earn a 1400 Elo on 1v1
•Earn a 1800 Elo on 1v1
•Earn a 2000 Elo on 1v1

•Earn a 1600 Elo on TG
•Earn a 1800 Elo on TG
•Earn a 2000 Elo on TG
•Earn a 2500 Elo on TG

Creating a certain amount of units:

•Creating 100 UU at one time earns you a stylised image of that UU for that Civ. (Steam has awards like these, but they should add them in the game too and with better illustrations.)

•100 arbalest at once: golden cross bow

•100 champions at once: golden sword

•100 paladin at once: golden horse helmet

•100 Hussar’s at once: golden wings

•100 Halbs: golden pike

•100 elite skirms: golden spear and shield

•100 eagle warriors:
Golden Eagle Helmet

•100 camels at once: golden camel rider

250 pop with scillians in a ranked game: Golden Serjeant

•5 Feitoria with Portuguese: golden bank icon

•50 siege weapons at once: Gold mangonel

•40 siege weapons: Silver mangonel

•30 siege weapons: bronze mangonel


1000 ships in a game: Golden Galleon
500 ships in a game: Silver Galleon
250 ships in a game: Bronze Galleon

1500 kills on islands style map: golden canon galleon

1000 kills on islands style map: silver canon galleon

500 kills on islands style map: bronze canon galleon

And many more.

Anyway here’s a bunch I thought that could be fun to earn. Some of these are harder than other’s and some aren’t too bad at all. Share your thoughts. I’m sure there’s plenty more we can add in so I’ll be adding ones I missed. I’m curious what you guys think, so please add some ideas in the comments below. I hope they start making icons harder to earn, and implement some of these ideas, as it will give players of all levels fun challenges and icons to show off!

I’d like to have icons for second UUs: Longboat, Imperial Camel, Imperial Skirmisher, Condottiero, Genitour, Caravel, Turtle Ship, Slinger, Flemish Militia.

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Better make icons easy to obtain than this hard. Most icons require tons of grind already, so we don’t need more. I do think they missed on campaign related icons. For instance you could unlock campaign heroes icons by finishing scenarios of their campaign, or whenever you get an achievement you get its icon.

It would be cool to get Heroes, the Second UU, Civ shield, Weapons, Technologies, and Tournaments champion icons


I’m not saying to get rid of the easy ones, I’m just saying they should add some hard ones as well. Right now all the standard Icons are very easy to obtain. Some icons just require you to play a certain amount of games without even winning them. That’s too easy. You can do that against the AI on easy. If we had cool and harder to earn icons it will push people to try new builds and civs. For example beating the extreme ai with no cheats. For me that’s not that hard, but could be a huge milestone for some players and having an icon to reflect that achievement, and the ones I listed before would be amazing.