Coop battles and upcoming Balance changes

I think this is great but it will make the campaigns so much harder.

Could be lol
But anyways is great that Boyars now will be the uu that many people need to take seriously, still a cost change could also work.

Or a little buff for non-elite one.

I don’t think it would make much difference, maybe the WE can be used in small numbers as a ram in castle age and early imp now, but it’s still to expensive to be massed.

Probably this is a way to incourage even more the use of the unit, but personally I don’t see the necessity of this change. Boyars were already the best gold choice for the slavs in the late game.

Good, finally, but maybe to be balanced the wood cost should be a little bit higher.

Just look at similar imp UT, 450w for its effect is cheap.

That’s the safest way to nerf it, but I feel like it won’t be that effective, especially in arena game. I guess we’ll see…

Both not that important, their impact won’t be seen that much…

Personally, I’m disappointed, I get it that the focus of this patch is the coop game, but then don’t throw in balance changes just for the sake of it. Delay them and release them with a more comprehensive balance patch.

I mean, there are still civs like Italians, celts, mongols, spanish, byzantine and sicilians who could join such patch. Some of this civs could use just really small changes, other some more consistent ones, but at that point it would be a real balance patch

I’m so excited for co-op.


It’s already online and popular within the PUP patch. You should check it out. One of the best recent additions to be honest which isn’t new civs.

i watched the ornlu/twest play them.

I don’t like these

  1. Persian war Elefant cost reduction is really bad for low elo games where massing these and stream rolling will become more prevslsnt in post imp boom games. If they made them also 2 pop then this would be great, thought.

  2. Making the cav archer more clunky, and less fun to micro again is the wrong way. Instead the FU stats need nerfing, e.g. Change parthian tactics to +1/+1 from +1/+2 would have been much better nerf.

  3. Buffing bojars because of teuton paladins is sooo wrong, teuton palaldin were op already but instead of fixing what is broken, instead we also break another thing to make them alteast be broken equally…

  4. Gunpowder accuracy buff feels wrong. Gunpowder should be inaccurate, and another buff would have been better, like making missed shots deal full damage, but keep their characteristics intakt (no ballistic, inaccurate, slow fire rate = bad anyway…).
    Or giving them +10 Hp
    Or lower their anti infstry bonus damage by 2 and increase their base dmayge by 2 instread.

Oh don’t get me wrong me too, I can’t wait to play the campaigns with my girlfriend who just got a new pc.

My point was that they could either add some more balance changes for other civs (most of them are really simple) or delayed them all together.

I’m not saying that they did a terrible job, all the changes are fine, but a balance patch that small it bothers me.

Everything at low ELO can be bad because they don’t know how to react properly-_-

Cavalry archers are wayy too dominant right now, is fine.

Neither Boyars and Teutonic Pladins are broken, mass halbs and you are fine, plus Boyar’s them is to be heavily armored. Even camels are solid counter vs them.

It’s literally an increase of 0.02 in-game seconds. Since standard speed is 1,7 this means it’s an increase of 0,017 real life seconds. This is so minuscule that it can’t possibly be an actual nerf.

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Like most of the changes, specially the Boyar one

Flemish revolution changes are ok, but I still think it needs a complete rework


Me as a big fan of the incas feel a little Bit left out. After the recent changes to their tower rush, they just are a worse form of aztecs and mayans. I would suggest, that they dont get an eco bonus. Maybe they need a different castle age unique tech. No minimum range for skirms could become their team bonus and the minimum range for slingers should get removed. The New unique tech could maybe buff their Archer play, to make Them a better flank and Archer civilization. It could be similar to the ethiopian civ bonus and makes your archers fire faster or maybe it should give more range or attack. Faster mobing archer units would also bei nice, If it was a cheap technology. Apart from Incas missing out, I like the update. I just Want to See some nerfs to the britton civilization and also to the lithuanians. I think lithuanians should get 50 food at the start of the game and after this in feudal an additional 100, in castle an additional 150 and in imp an additional 200. This is to prevent Them from having Those insanely fast up-times, but dont Take away their boost for Scout play. Besides that, it would nerf their dominance on hybrid water maps like four lakes, where it was basically an instant loss, If you dont pick Lithuanians, but the enemy does. For Brittons, i dont really now, what I would nerf, but they definitely deserve a nerf, at least to their archer - flank play. Maybe they should get something in return, but the Archer play is simply too strong. Thats my thoughts about the balance changes and I made an emphesis on what I think is missing out! Have a nice day guys! :slight_smile:

that’s actually more of a buff then a nerf, instead i would just reduce the starting food to 100 and call it good.