Copy AoE DE folder onto another computer ? (3G limited connection)


I post this topic again, since this forum revamp just destroyed all subforums and made the whole thing not understandable… my topic became hidden. (the AoE DE Support forum disappeared)

I would want to copy my AoE DE folder from my computer to another.

The other one has only access to 3G limited connection, and having to re-download the 17 Gb would be very expensive / very slow.

Is there any way to copy the folder without having to download all again on the 2nd computer ?

Thank you.

Yeah, theres no way to do this since you cant even raw copy game files. I asked this to one dev when they were still answering questions (yeah back in the beta) and he said it wasnt possible. So unless someone knows some shady trick yeah this isnt possible.
My only guess is you can attach the destiny computer HD on your PC and move the game installation to that disc.
But that is too much work for a game which devs dont even care about.

Windows Store should get the feature to do it, for example Windows 10 can share updates on other PC, Windows Store should logically offer similar features for its apps…

well it should.
But it doesnt

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try to use a usb network adapter , if your computer has usb 3.0 interface available

and i think you will have to download all the 17G game again from windows store,

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