Copy Crew weapon sytem from COH into Siege engine here?

I don’t know if you guys still enjoying those Chinese clocktower unkillable tanks.

I just don’t understand why Relic built such a good system in COH but not implying it into AOE4 siege. For those not familiar with this:

Crew weapon in COH, basically Machine Guns, mortars team, anti-tank guns, anti-air guns, well same as siege into medieval time

  • crewed by some dude, that can be taken out and decrew, the weapon itself having a separated HP bar, can be destroyed
  • decrewed weapon can be recrew by anyone, or only by special units
  • they are slow and vulnerable, required to re-deploy when changing direction / position, unsupported siege should be a suicide mission
  • can only firing within a certain firing arc

Siege / Artilleries in medieval period should be extremely slow, and very vulnerbale to calvary charge. But what Relic gave us, the bombard able to reload faster than modern days cannon, laser-guided accurucy, and literally a tank.