Copying your keyboard layout to a new install?

I’m probably building a new PC in a week or so. Is the keyboard layout a file somewhere that I can save and then put on the new PC?

This should hold the answer to your query.

I found my NewProfile.XML file.

I opened it in Wordpad.

I can’t find a ‘KeyMapGroups’ anywhere in the file. And I can’t find my shortcuts anywhere in the file. Has it perhaps changed location? Or am I looking for the wrong thing?

Can I just copy the entire NewProfile.XML file over to the new install?

Is it my LocalKey/Bindings.XML file?

Can I just copy that to the new install?

It will be under < keyprofiles > with the subtag < keyprofilegroups >
Mine was found here [C:\Users\Name\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\random numbers\Users\NewProfile.xml].

You should just be able to replace the entire NewProfile.xml file into your new install replacing the old one, imo.