Copyright infringement using frames from Age of Empire 2

Sorry, I didn’t find a suitable topic about copyright infringement.
Sorry for me english, he is not my native language(Russian). Because of this, I often use google translator to translate some words that I don’t know. I started playing AO since 2003-4(At 6-7 years old) and I find it offensive to use false footage for advertising(Yes, most likely I played the pirated version).
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There are 2 games in Google Play that use footage from the game “Age of Empire 2” to advertise their games.

Empire: Rising Civilization
Google Play com/store/apps/details?
VK Advertising vk. com/risingciv?w=wall-196853512_13
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/484376201272754176/750350335662620712/unknown. png
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/484376201272754176/750364127654051890/lKu-QaVW7lQ. png
As we can see here photoshop was used for the Town Hall and the stable was slightly changed. Game screenshot AoS 2 DE
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/484376201272754176/750364566080323714/unknown. png
Youtube Advertising Screenshot’s:
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/484376201272754176/750364967898710187/m0sUEOJf4ac. png
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/484376201272754176/750364990078451792/YRCQYxjsLyo. png
Blatant advertising using even frames from the game “AO2” without Photoshop.

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire
Google Play com/store/apps/details?
Google Play Advertising Screenshot’s:
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/484376201272754176/750365951744278629/unknown. png
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/484376201272754176/750366140219261040/uvv1visESfqHOgH3IXU6hlzhIjGfYgt2DQSUBqbxI1eBdneFkhAwCR3P2WtHN4hi9M8w1920-h910. png
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/484376201272754176/750366163086737420/eZfl7naZyHUOxbLI0sULwn0rRB1Vbouw5GVapU-xRDRmnM1_w8vgbmXv5KgiXSH2tJ4w1920-h910. png
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/484376201272754176/750366186507599913/q8RwNDepDlVASebVeJFV3YimqU6Vx32K8oZiOTztDNnTMpgjPhG89TrjxHJha8tgVaIw1920-h910. png
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/484376201272754176/750366212822794352/bodNu-K9jCvzw14u03FioPBqd_1pUQyycWq2MQioWqBVQvWRvaVuH1bInXdV-f6ikh8w1920-h910. png
It is more difficult to catch a thief here. For many buildings have been changed or rotated.
Youtube Screenshot
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/484376201272754176/750366163086737420/eZfl7naZyHUOxbLI0sULwn0rRB1Vbouw5GVapU-xRDRmnM1_w8vgbmXv5KgiXSH2tJ4w1920-h910. png


I am attempting to contact Microsoft Legal about dropping the hammer on this nonsense. Hopefully they help erase Rise of Empires


I recently saw a game that is doing the same thing