Corpse decay - will it ever be added?

Soon :slight_smile:

How? If you want to implement natural decaying to skeletons, then you need to modify decay frames for all non-siege units. Each unit generally has 400 - 900 decay frames (in 16 angles). This is incredible amount of work.
Maybe generating skeletons linked to blood would be doable, but even then they would need to be generated properly for all 16 angles. And it would not look nearly as natural as AOC/HD decay animations.

I don’t know, because I didn’t edit data file. I guess, that you need to edit frame display times for unit decay animations, so that frames are displayed longer.

It would definitely be quite some work and things are still a bit uncertain until we can properly edit smx files. Nevertheless, there are ways to automate and speed up things. Once we have the necessary tools available, we’ll see what’s possible and what’s not.


Any updates on the Corpse Decay mod? Desperate to use it. Without Corpse Decay the game is a lot less fun, somehow. :smiley:

But you must choose it in the Data set when planning to play the game using Longer Decay mod

I have already finished it some time ago, but am waiting with publishing after issue with my account gets resolved :slight_smile: Also it doesn’t add natural decay, but instead prevents corpses fully sinking into the ground.

I was talking about a mod, which I have not yet published and which is indeed not a data mod. Longer Corpse Decay is a different mod, that is a data mod.

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Oh, I see. Thanks for clarification man. Can’t wait for that mod.

What I didn’t understand about it though, is that will they have skeletons too?

Absence of corpse decay was one of the reasons I’ve never bought AoE 1 DE, and it’s primary reason why I’m abstaining from buying AoE 2 DE "

this always baffles me. “hey theres this cool fun game that came out but hm… they don’t have slow corpse decay just a quick fade hmm…guess I cant buy it”

what other features could be missing, if such a crucial element of immersion was bypassed?

umm have you look at the game at all? can tell for yourself if you’re in for it instead of making guesses based on them not doing corpse decay.

like I get it you guys like the bloody battlefield with corpses but… for that to be a deal breaker when A a gore mod is one of the first things that normally get modded into a game. B while immersion is helpful…this is a game where we convert an elephants religion…can fit 10 elephants on a transport but not 11 archers…and not to mention all the techs that don’t fit with civs or aren’t included for others…but corpse decay is the game breaker? lol

I do not feel like I made a mistake not buying AoE 1 DE. They didn’t add anything to the game but graphics, and even took away the corpse decay.

Nonethless, I did buy AoE2 and AoE1 on discount few days ago (both are cheaper than aoe2 alone) and I’m enjoying AoE2 since then. The love they did put to the old campaigns is astounding. I feel like many years ago, as a child. I could almost give a 10 to AoE 2 DE, but because of corpses, it’s only 9.5/10. Might drop as I find more annoying things.

I am yet to try multiplayer, but it won’t happen soon, since campaigns are priority.

I gotta agree with you, but with the blood mod I at least see the map colored in red. Still nothing like corpse decay was.

Many thanks for your feedback! Looking very much forward!

@dededoritos, @JortonMV, @Thusisinpain, @RvE88, @Masher8559, @Edsato82, @Jcpkill, @ArshiaAghaei
Visible Corpses mod has been released :slightly_smiling_face:. It took time because I had account and mod publishing issues.


Awesome! Will try it out this weekend, and provide feedback in case I find something. Thanks again!

Thank you alot! i like your work and think 5 minutes are perfect!

is it possible to have the blood also around 3 or 4 minutes? i like the bloodanimation in aoe2de alot, and it would look great to see it sinking in the ground after a view minutes.

Glad you are enjoying it :slightly_smiling_face: Makes me more happy about all the work I put into this.

You can have blood remain on ground for same length as bodies using Crimson Blood mod. I made my screenshots using that mod and mentioned it in description.

yes this works, but i prefer the original blood :wink:

@ApeSilent, can you help @TobinDeep have blood visible for same length as in Crimson Blood, but with original graphics?

Maybe he can create a local mod, which contains original blood dds file for graphics? Then he should just load it in mod manager with higher priority than Crimson Blood, so that it overrides graphics, but keeps visibility time.


and this is why i love the aoe community :slight_smile:
thank you guys for your work and support <3

Thanks a lot man! Looking forward to trying it ASAP

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That’s definitely possible @TobinDeep but keep in mind that the initial expanding of the blood pool will be much slower, since it will simply add more delay between frames. If you’re interested in it anyway, I can quickly upload a mod for that, maybe others want to use it as well with Yoroks mod.

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the darker blood mod is exactly my style! thank you alot for your work