Cosair marksman nerf is impacting Hausa heavily

Hausa has trouble against heavy infantry spam (strong ones), because the fulani archer is the only light infantry for Hausa. Previously the cosair marksman is a good choice but since the increase to 2 pop, it is out of the question. Fulani archer has a good DPS and animation in general, it is fairly tanky and upgradable. But the biggest issue is the low multiplier vs heavy infantry. The gimmick about this unit is a long range attack and ability to collect wood (really just a gimmick). In late game Hausa doesn’t have a reliable way to sustain wood production for fulani. They dont have factory and all vills on field only produce wood like 1 factory.

Some people would say this situation is similar to Japan where yumi archer has low multiplier vs HI. But yumi archer has higher damage in late game. Japan also has reliable wood supplies (shrines), and japan can make flaming arrows to counter infantry while Hausa cannon production is not very reliablebas influence is harder to obtain.

So if the devs nerf the cosair marksman please buff fulani archer for Hausa!


For months I have denounced that. Since it was the dlc of Hausa, the Fulani archer has seemed like a terrible unit to me, unable to counteract a mass of heavy infantry due to its low multiplier as well as not being effective with its cost.
Even carolean with all the buffs and cards can counter him (lol), but some players seem to love the fulani archer, saying he is the best in the game which is not true. The corsair marksman was the only unit that could deal with the heavy infantry. But with this nerf plus the maigadi Hausa is too vulnerable to civ with very good heavy infantry, even simple strategies like spamming halberdiers are ridiculously effective. In addition, we must add the inexplicable nerf of the wood trickle from the fields, which seemed excessive to me.

It feels like they want to completely remove the african civs because they seem determined to make both of them completely unplayable.

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yeah, they overnerfed hausa.

Same over nerf to Inca. Just some people cried these civs were op and they received nerfs every patch since then.

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Akan build still has some strength. But Hausa doesn’t have other units to complete the unit combo.

Akans train really slow to be useful at least in treaty.

It wasn’t targeting Hausa specifically but yea it does hurt them. Perhaps they should get an outlaw pop reduction by going morroco to compensate or something.

It’s not like Hausa didn’t have other options they still have cannon.

but Hausa is really heavy in influence, if u try to mass cannons u run out of influence. Fulani buff is the way imo.

Well this is a rare post where e ereryone agrees with the same thing

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Yeah, hausa late game just cannot counter heavy inf. Fulani is just too weak for that purpose. Wood is not a problem because of the industrial age card that grants wood trickle per field production. In fact, the wood trickle was so massive it had to be nerfed last patch. Overproduction of wood.

The thing about fulani is that they don’t kill heavy inf fast enough to destroy the artillery that goes behind them. It’s also useless (and very costly) to produce artillery if the enemy just can throw his heavy inf on top of you because fulani is just too weak to stop them first. The civ is poorly designed.

It’s not worth to play a civ that cannot stop a mass of ashigaru/jan/carolean.

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The wood tricle is not massive. 99 vills on field produce 5 wood per sec, which is less than a factory…how often do you get to 99 vills in the first place? Before the nerf it was like 9 wood per sec, still not a lot. I dont understand the nerf.


Hausa also struggled with cannons. If cannons trade with opponents, hausa has to wait till 500 influence is reached to make a new one. It is not a resource you can just collect from map. It takes forever to accumulate influence.

If i use influence on cannons I can’t ship natives or mercenary which is a big part of Hausa units. Other civs just send more vills to coin and make new cannons, Hausa can’t just collect influence or convert other resources to influence. Which means using cannons to counter infantry is also impossible.

The only anti infantry unit in the entire Hausa roster is just this fulani archer with 1.5x. Pathetic

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yeah, totally agree. now we have to put some vills in trees or go fulani in age up

Further more, hausa’s own heavy infantry also sucks. Maigadi is very expensive and doesnt trade cost effectively against any musk. Akan ankobia trades so badly as well, have to send a card to unlock, and is very expensive. No pikes.

So hausa is a civ that has very poor heavy infantry, very poor light infantry, and very limited access to artillery. Really only cav civ.

I dont know about supremacy, but for treaty, Hausa is in a good spot. I wouldnt change anything about them, Maighadi spam with fulani, even falconets if youre really struggling is a fine counter to heavy inf. Corsair Marksmen were never used in treaty, they are a bad unit. If you think they were good, then you are playing the civ wrong.

In terms of wood sustain for treaty, the 5 berber vills from the age up is all you need and if you go the Hausa age up, that helps with building costs. If you need more wood then that 5-10 vills will do it or use the market trade thing, but you shouldnt have to do that.

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If you are talking Treaty, then I have no idea how you have come to the conclusion that a 1 pop almost 600 hp 84~ attack musk with range resist, doesnt trade well against other musk. Its the best musk in the game by the long shot.

and it has all the artillery apart from horse art that a euro civ has, can even make heavy canons if you want to. It does lack AA but it can still hold its own. I wouldnt call it “limited”, just not as strong.

If you are talking treaty, which I assume you are, you shouldnt be making balance posts if you dont know how the play the civ properly. Thats on you, not the game.

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yes, agree, hausa works. Maigadi performs really well. But Fulani is maybe the worst archer in the game, making only about 30 of damage (not considering Fulani migrations) vs heavy infantry even considering the ROF of 1.5 is really low compared with other archers, even good treaty players like Erchere or Dramos complain about that unit.

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I want NO more comments towards hausa underperforming in late game! It’s like big Fed said in a great spot and maigadis are absolutely CRUSHING IT. Fulanis are not the best unit on their own, but a good addition BEHIND maigadis and if you are unable to win games with hausa then perhaps look for guides and advice from competent players instead of crying for buffs like a true low elo warrior.

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I play 1v1s supremacy with Hausa and I keep winning this patch, gone from mid 1200 elo to 1400 elo. Never used Corsair marksmen, before or after they were changed. Army is usually a mix of all war camp units.