Cossacks go stand still sudenly probably without any command

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without any command my cosscaks go standstill unless i pressed stop movement buttona accidentally (which would be good to supress the action of that button on options optionally)

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  • 25% of the time / matches I play (SOMETIMES)

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  1. just do as replay just fight with cossacks in middle of trees maybe

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they dont go standstill suddenly when there are skirmishers to kill, Stop movement button should have the option to inhabiliate the letter that actions it. I mean option to remove it from qwerty iu.

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Grabar partida.age3Yrec (6.9 MB)

  • aprox. min 18:46

by the way an option to reach minute 18:46 on a replay on less than 15 seconds should be posibble. Replay only advance 5 minutes per minute, which takes me 3.5 minutes to reach to 18:46.