Could there be several civilizations under same pantheon of gods?

Could there be several civilizations under same pantheon of gods?

We have for example greek factions, but its kind of odd, considering how many other nations and civs did worship same or similar gods. Like Rome, Troy, Etruscans, Macedon, Thrace and Pontus. With own units and bonuses.

Trojans had their own culture.
They were a Hittite city so they should have a Hittite pantheon.

Romans religion is unique enough to be their own civilisation.

Etruscians weren’t really all that similar to Romans or Greeks. They weren’t even Indo-European.

Thracians where also not really all that close to anyone. They were just another group of Indo-European people.

Pontus were just Greeks, right? Not really worth their own civilisation.

Macedonians wouldn’t work because many of the Greek units are already Macedonian. If they were added the normal Greeks would have to be changed for that to make sense. Kind of like a Greek split.
Not sure if people would like that.

But about the general question.
Babylonians, Assyrians and their predecessors the Akkadians and Sumerians had more or less the same religion.
So if they were implemented as multiple civilisations they could share gods, myth units and so on.


Or maybe just wrap up Babylonians, Sumerians, Assyrians, and Akkadians into a single Mesopotamian civ?

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And it wouldn’t be that hard to do, since each civ can be represented with a different major god: Enlil(Sumerians/Akkadians), Ashur (Assyrians) and Marduk (Baylonians)


I think the ‘‘every culture has its own unique pantheon’’ is a good system as it is. They have already diversity through different major and minor gods. adding a layer of different cultures with same gods would be very strange and against the original game design in my opinion.


If it means anything with Egyptian culture I’m all in