Could we get some Quarantine Beta Keys because i'm bored at home

Please ?
I would appreciate it a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

From France, stay safe people


I also live in France and having a beta key would be great ! In this difficult time for many of us it will be a wonderful gift. We are very much to want to fix the bugs of a game that we want to be perfect. I also really think that adding a little more beta ticket will be positive for all Insiders. :blush: #RestezChezVous

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Definitely approved :grin:


Living in quarantine is boring. I would also love to have a BETA key for spending my time at home.


I absolutely agree, now the potential beta players have enough time to intensively test the game.
Edit: I still am so thankful you’re improving Aoe III!


I like this post! you have my :+1:

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I have to work anyway (Police). I Live in Italy, please send me a beta code. It would make me very Happy.


I would give you my beta key @nonlosojimmy


If nobody wants your key @Tam501e I would be happy to use it! :sunny:

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Sorry to gatecrash this forum, but my wife is a big fan of the original AOE and I wondered whether anyone could point me in the direction of getting access to the original version on the PC? Do they do it on the xbox at all?

Thank you!


you know:

a) this makes more sense to ask in AOE 1 and not AOE 3.

b) try the definitive edition for AOE 1, it is available on steam, the original version makes little sense to try and make work since it doesn’t work so well on modern systems.

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the number of the people online in steam is extremely high, so even put it on sale now is also a good choice

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A Key would be appreciated very very much i play every day every night all day and all night long ^^ :smiley:

Send me one too… I’m stuck in a house with 3 kids all under 7 and a wife :()

I need a key too. :crazy_face:

I also want a key :slight_smile: It’s soo boring

Key would be great - I’ll find all the bugs :wink:

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me ajudem com uma chave,hoje é o ultimo dia,quem não for mais jogar por favor compartilhe comigo

The beta has ended chief

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