Could we have a small update in November?

Both the AOE2 and AOE4 will get a new dlc in November,as a small player of AOE3,I only hope we will have a small update to fix the bugs in November,new revs and even DLC is extravagant hopes,not realistic at all.


You are asking too much for the microsoft aoe team composed of 70% of non devs.

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Can you imagine an AOE3 patch note appearing in the middle of the important promotion tweets of AOE2 and 4?

It would be blasphemous. They cannot allow that to happen.


Reply for Sawabe and Sakurazaka46. Nice face. XD

Lol,and i am the fan of Hikaru Morida and Miu Murayama.私は森田ひかると村山美羽のファンです.

And I also like Sawabe because he is a very kind man and his treat members very gentle.

The AOE3 is a motherless child.

This is not an excessive requirement

I’d be happy if they complete what they begun… such as (I’m referring to Italian translation, I don’t know for others):

  • Ending cutscenes from Definitive Edition campaigns are still untranslated, even if translated audio is still available from vanilla AOE3. Cost of this fix is ZERO.
  • Act titles of campaigns are untranslated: “Act I: Blood” should be “Act I: Sangue” and so on. They could be taken from vanilla AOE3. Cost of this fix is ZERO.
  • Correction of Native American faction names has not applied to translated audio; cost of this fix is not zero, but in the majority of cases it can simply be fixed by cutting bad audio segments and fixing captions accordingly. Some examples:
    ** Amelia Black, at start of Fire campaign, speaks about a “villaggio irochese” (Iroquois village) even if subtitle text says “villaggio”.
    ** In audio files, Ka:nien is still called Kanyenke.
    ** Ih the “Militia” cutscene of Fire campaign, a dialog starts, in which a soldier asks: “Voi siete… Irochesi?” (You are… Iroquois?), and the caption is: “Sei…?” (You are…?). In Italian, “sei” is “you are” referred to a single subject, “siete” is" “You are” referred to multiple ones, so there’s also a typo, because Nathaniel is not alone.

And so on…


Please, Microsoft, hire me. I’m learning unity so I know C#, besides years of Python coding experience. I’m also learning how to do GDD’s

Okay there’s finally some update now.


That’s a good news friend.