Could we have a snow version of arabia? (along with all the other variants)

Last patch a change was made to arabia so that differents variations of the map’s style plays in every match: Sand desert, african desert, grassland, jungle and autumn forest.
I think a snow ambienced arabia would enrich the pool of possible map generations.
Arabia is my favorite map, yet it’s missing my favorite “biome” in the game.

I know some people don’t like snow maps for some reason. They could use the “no snow” mod if they feel snow maps are affecting their experience.

Finally, a not at all necessary poll, just to have some concrente numbers about what do you think about it.

  • I want a snow variant for arabia
  • I DON’T want a snow variant for arabia
  • I don’t care / See results

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more biome on the gold standard map would be quite cool indeed imho. at least to spice up things. the only odd thing would be that then it would not be arabia anymore

How about a stable version of Arabia first? :slight_smile:


It’s not Arabia anymore anyway, it’s some weird overdesigned tournament map.


i have mods to remove the snow because it hurts my eyes xD so guess what my vote was haha

it could be done in the same update: “look we balanced arabya! AND we also added new biomes to it!” would already be enough hipe to get a spike in ranked players for some days

yeah i agree, i was just saying it’s strange to get “arabia” and then it’s snowy lol, but as you sayd, it’s the name of the map the problem nowadays

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