Could you devs add how many villagers killed each player? and give more info on the units we killed?

sometimes they think i didnt kill anything, or i didnt do my work, please add how many villagers each player killed and also a villager kill count graphic

Also please add how many of each one unit we killed. Example we could click on enemies tab and we move to another table that shows how many villagers we killed, how many shock infantery, etc. Or even better a list of all units we killed, for example:
cuirasers killed: 2
otontin killed: 79
If a unit has value 0 then it is not show on list.

All this just for making table of enemies military killed more attractive.

I know villagers are not military but they should be displayed here to have more attractive and useful information.

Also it would be very good to add how much damage per second we did, because sometimes ally give the last shot to a unit that we dealed 900 damage to it and it counts for him as a kill