Could you please make the health bar more distinguible?

health bar is blue and black, which is really difficult to distinguish, it could be blue and yellow

i was atacked by a ronin a he killed me i want to know how much damaged i recevied isntanly


How much health do they have left?

I know I can zoom in, but who has time to zoom in every time one wants to check unit’s health?


yes, this is a problem

Adjustable HUD that’s greater than 100% would be appreciated. Also, make the explorer text box smaller. It blocks the entire screen.

I agree. The army selection UI ought to work like it does in II, so you can see an individual unit’s health.

as a workaround i change health bar of player 1 to violet-like on options menu


In age of empires 2 they made it red which is much more visible from far away. Of course all health bars are green in age of empires 2.

There are a couple of ways you can make it more visible. You could do it like starcraft where the health is green when it’s high, yellow when it’s medium and red when it’s low against a gray background.

In any case the current health bars suck. But I would prefer AOE2s health bar system.