"Counter-artillery unit" tag

In my personal opinion, Arrow Knights, Huaracas, and Somali Darood Militias should be classified as “Counter-artillery” units, so they can receive damage negation from any artillery.

Maybe Culverins, Hand Mortars, and Siege Elephants also could be in this class, but these units are optional.


arrow knights already do

might not be a bad idea to just make it a class

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Add Humbaraci in the anti-artillery tag too

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A “siege infantry” tag or modification to the siege unit tag would make the most sense and would be more broadly applicable.


what would instantly help without modifying the game is showing the abstractbonuses like 0.5x falconet bonus versus arrow knight, they should be displayed by clickin on the picture of the photo of the iu

It’s not for AKs, but it is for the benefit of Huaracas and Daroods.

And the multiplier for a single unit is not intuitive, I didn’t notice that other units have hidden multipliers against Gatling Camels and Maltese Fixed Gun until I saw it in the wiki.

I’m all for helpful, additional information on the UI. Simple, and effective.

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Indeed. The poor hauraca has the infantry tag, only 10% siege resist, less range than a cannon and is 2 pop. What a joke… Passed age 3 then you have to just quite if the enemy cannon spam.

If they just made it like the arrow knight I’d be happy.