Country restrictions on the giveaway

It is extremely disappointing and infuriating to have such extremely limitations on the countries that are allowed to participate.

You have a wide international fan base and then do that.

No mention of any restriction of the announcement a the first time I find out after spending time to sign up, make sure my email is correct/up to date and then selecting a country doesn’t have a scrollbar.

It is not hard to have visible text in your video only available in country X,Y,Z

The maliciousness of not doing that and baiting everyone to sign up is very very disappointing especially after all the focus on community in your video.

You just ■■■■ over so many people right away

Good job.


Couldn’t agree more what a complete insult on their behalf.

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Honestly, why just 4 countries.


I am mad now, since they decided fans from just four countries deserved the paper work to run the sweepstakes in.

Well they can keep those fans and I will keep my money.

So annoying :rofl:

Idem for French people


Couldnt agree more! As a brazilian myself I would like to have the slimmest of chances to win that setup. And beyond this, I think recognizing the importance of the other communities in the development of the AoE scene is crucial, and allowing other countries to participate on this event would do such a thing. I get the reason of this restrictions tho, not trying to adapt to other countries legislation about give aways is the easy, but sad, way to do this.


there’s no excuse when you got microsoft backing you up tho.


Im Brazilian too, and would like to win this PC :cry:


What is that? I´m completely disappointed. Is an insult to the community, im from Argentina and i can´t participate and the other countries? Only 4? You never stop surprise!


Is there anyway to get response?

Hi there everyone! In Spain we are also sorry for not being able to participate in the contest… Maybe next time we are luckier :wink:


i am mexican, and also would like to win this PC


Yes, it is that piece of meanly betrayed russian fan in your news feed.

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I’m from Quebec and I don’t really understand why the rest of the Canada can but not us…


Perhaps they really do not like eating Poutine :wink:


Today with the ease of sending a package to any part of the world that is not international is a joke. I would accept this if it were 15 years ago. :face_vomiting:


What a slap in the face. AOE has a massive international fanbase. Even youtubers do worldwide giveaways. (jayz2c) Why restrict this giveaway to a few select countries? It’s 2021 and this is nothing short of a joke


I guess they didn’t select “Full Tech Tree” when creating the competition
But it is kind of sus that you only find out about the valid countries in the T/C or after you fill out the form and go to select a country…


Is anyone familiar with the legal stuff who can explain how and why on earth would there be restrictions in countries when it comes to giving away a non-monetary prize to a lucky winner?

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I saw a dev replying to a thread so I am sure the Dev is gone to marketing to see why they thought this was a good idea. And they will get back to us.