Couple of balance things

“Greenwich Time (I): Now arrives fast.” This should not arrive fast. All cards realistically should have the standard 45 second send time but if 1 civ randomly has a fast TP card then other TP cards like ATP, Chinese immigrant, Trade empire really should send fast aswell. This feels like an artificial buff to brit to mitigate the 3vill and monor change when only minor changes were required. Brits likely to still be good due to musk/huss comps being boosted from skirms being even weaker vs cav.

“2 Surgeons, 4 Spies, 5 Petards (British Consulate, II): These Consulate shipments available to the Chinese and Indians are now infinite.” This by definition is no longer a technology and is infact a unit shipment. it makes no sense to “research” units multiple times. Implications are spawn points and price due to GFA as infinitely sending Cheap petards is a really good deal. No complatins about the combo with Confuscious gift when i played into it but i note if these becomes unit shipments then confucious gift will not apply. We are starting to blur the line of what is a technology and what are unit shipments. Maybe infinite frnech crates and infinite otto MM next cons buffs? wouldnt surprise me

To be fair the age V armies should be infinite. About Brits, their shipments are the weakest, I dont see any issue but cpnfoucious petards

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All the consulate shipments for every alliance should be infinite but should should be more expensive each time you send them. The better the shipment, the more expensive it would be to send again. So the Russian Factory could be balanced by costing ~1000% more each time it is sent and something like the Spies could increase by a more modest ~102% each time you send it. It would also be more balanced than just being able to rebuild the Blockhouse normally.

Defenitely no, Chinese would get factories, forts, trickles…reachibg ridicoulous economy while Japan (who has coin export trade card) gets banks, Church (XP), more res per crate/TP… and India just get short time units…


With a big enough scaling cost it would be fine. With a 1000% increase, the 1st Factory would be 800 export, 2nd would be 8000, 3rd would be 80000…

Even sending 2 Factories with GFA would be extremely expensive, and you could discourage even that with more aggressive scaling.

India being able to get a recurring Bombard shipment is not trivial either.

No one will use 8000 export for a factory lol…it takes 500 years to pay back

That’s my point. It would be technically possible but not advisable. With GFA it would be only 4800 which might be marginally worth it but still probably not.