Couple of important questions to ask

A) How many gold per minute capturing a sacred site generates?

B) Can villagers or monks repair siege engines during the battle?

C) if unit X has a higher defense than unit Y damage, does unit X takes 1 point of damage per attack, if not how is it calculated? does the defense gap matters at all if it’s higher than the attack of the enemy?

D) is there anyway to see how fast each food is gathered, for example cherries comparing to ships and etc…

If you don’t know the answers for all of the questions please feel free to answer the ones you know the answer to :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

There’s nothing in-game that shows how fast you can gather a particular resource, but here’s a spreadsheet with all sorts of gathering details, and more:

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Sacred sites provide 100g/min. Delhi has a unique tech that allows them to get more (don’t remember exactly how much more).
Yes, villagers can repair siege weapons during combat.

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Much thanks for your answers guys!

Now just question C left unanswered.

One more question,

E) Is there a way to see In-Game the range of siege engines and towers without actually using them in fight, like before fighting?
Also a way to see when you get the high ground, how much the range increased?

So no one knows the formula of the damage when defense is higher than the attackers attack?
Question C?