Coustillier [Suggestions]

I think that the mechanic of the coustillier is interesting, there is a nice concept here with a micro rewarding unit or a possibility for a different kind of unit.

Now the charge is too strong and it doesn’t feel really all that good YET! I don’t believe we need to make it useless for it to exist in the game. So I will throw in a few coins here, may you hate it or love it. Give feedback, but there is no need to “This is broken, I don’t like it” kind of replies. These are all suggestions, they are only made to give ideas or new point of views.

Generally the damage needs a bit of a lowering. We want it to be a boost and have an impact ofc, but just insta sniping enemies doesn’t feel rewarding and it just feels like cheating.

1: Make them a little bit faster when fully recharged, perhaps with a unique running anim to make it very clear that charge is incoming. But after the charge, give them a slow until recharged again.

2: Recharge only when moving, forcing micro and moving around with the unit. Force the player to be active.

3: Instead of the 2nd suggestion. Have the unit “charge up” while moving but lose charge while standing still either rapidly or instantly (Perhaps after a second). Instead of just charging up and then staying charged.

There isn’t HUGE changes here, but perhaps something that fine tunes and not completely changes the concept of charge or unit.


I’m totally with you in this. Love Charge, but it has to be the type of unit that is weak without micro and really game changing with good micro.

I agree it has not should one hit kill any unit (maybe just Elite FU).
I would maintan the charge multiplier but reduce the attack base to 8/10.
I would reduce a little the recharge time, taking in count that only recharges in movement too.

And a different animation would be really cool and useful too.

I would said that 1 is ok to do, since they were designed to aim archer unit, especially mounted one, which anti-archer units usually hard to deal.

But 2 and 3 were useless since player could just patrol to force them to move, and 3 will made them even worse due to melee pathing.

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I have read another suggestion that was to make the coust a slower cav unit. Instead of becoming a micro nerd wanna be unit it would be a brute force unit, like you would expect from something that charges at the enemy.

  • Lower the charge attack damage. I agree insta sniping is a bit much.

  • Patrolling is usable to gain charge as mentioned, so likely not a viable option.

  • I would change their “charge” in such that it increases their movement speed and attack, but as soon as they use it, they slow way down (like melee speed) and until it charges to full (or a certain point), they are extremely vulnerable and their attack is low and their speed is garbage. Then you would use them to charge into situations you are forced to commit to, and opens them up to some weaknesses.