Crash. I ll post everyday till fix

Fix Crash

Can’t play

Can’t get refund

Fix Crash

Going for one month

Gonna post this again tomorrow


Yeah just crashed out a game that I should have won. Happens. Try winning faster next game.

EDIT ~ Just insta-crashed the next game I started

EDIT EDIT ~ Teammate crashed next game

EDIT EDIT EDIT ~ Crashed at start of next game. Makes four games with crashes in a row

EDIT AGAIN ~ Ally crashed right at the start of the next game.

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Instead of blatant spam posts and swearing on the game, could you please describe your issue in more detail about the happening, your setup, settings, etc.?

If you want help note that your current approach will not get you any. And also bear in mind that the working teams for the game are in recess.

First it’s been said that the issue was with crashes, now it’s a disconnect issue.

See how your behavior is so unconscious and confusing to get to help yourself? You can’t even consistently describe what your problem with the game is about.

I know about the topics, and you should know that some problems got fixed on the last update and others are still around, indeed. Just report properly and be polite here if you really want things to get done.

Well, what I’ve said it’s been said already. If you wish to keep on with your dog with hydrophobia approach, I can only further myself anymore to say to you enjoy your soon-to-be-achieved ban.

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they literally released some fixes last week to issues. if you don’t tell them more details about the game crashing though, they can’t help you.

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Problem here is not the game (which has problems), problem is you didnt get your refund, when you buy something you got rights, someone should be taking care of this, who to blame here steam? Anyways I hope you get your game working gogo devs!

There is nothing more to say.

He said it all

You just launch a game and disconnect back to the main menu :wink:

1 month out still this bug going :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Can’t get refund since i bought it on instant gaming. SHould have buy on steam and try the game for 2 hours max to get the refund (I would have seen that it’s unplayable and should be out of the market)

I guess you didnt talk to them…
I guess you dont live in the EU…
EU Right of Withdrawal and Steam Refunds

Just checking instant gaming web, they say you dont buy a game you buy a key lol what a total bullshit:

Article 9 - Termination and Refunds

Considering the digital nature of the keys marketed and sold through the Site, the Purchasing User may submit a request for a refund to the absolute condition that the purchased code has not been used. Refund requests have to be filled through the Customer Support section of the Site within 7 days of the delivery of the key by the Vendor to the Purchasing User.

In accordance with the law, the Purchasing User has waived his right of withdrawal automatically as soon as the code has been redeemed. If granted, the refund process may take up to 7 business days to be completed.

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Yep and the code has been used (ofc…)

So i’m ■■■■■■. 11€ in the wind :smiley:

Well, on the bright side at least you’re aware of the cons of dealing with gray market now :smiley:

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I was aware :slight_smile:

Just tough a famous game/studio wouldnt have bugs like that 1 month after release :slight_smile:


most modern games have bugs at release, especially multiplayer games. that is why a lot of people wait a few months.

I’m okay with minors bugs & glitchs.

But there i can’t play more than 5 minutes before being disconnected. This is another level


The last 3 times that my game has crashed it happened instantly following reaching the Imperial Age. Is there a way to post any technical info/game logs?

We got same problem here with all computers in LAN with friends…

Please include replays and system spec.
There’s a post on how to report bugs, somewhere…

so my friend and i are playing coop against ai. we dont know what causes it but it crashed to desktop without any crashlog you guys know how to fix this? the game is not playable in a state like this its a 50-50 chance of working or crashing…

i7700k 4.8Ghz
16 DDR4 3200Mhz
gtx 1080 8Gb
game is installed on a SSD

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Spamming posts won’t help anything, it’ll just spread toxicity and make ur acc get banned.

But still I gotta agree, this issue should have been solved already, like rly MP is half of the game and it’s what older players will play the most since they already had enough of the campaigns from playing in HD and older versions.

What angers me the most is not giving the player a save file when the disconnect happens so we can just restore it later, this is a feature that AoE2 always had and that is a super helpful feature none of the other RTS games have. And the worst? When I disconnected because of my internet (without being the game’s fault) it actually gave us a save file, but when this stupid dc glitch happens it DOESN’T gives us the file, this is how stupid things currently are. They should have at least made a way so the game will ALWAYS give us a save file for us to restore, instead of just forcing us to resign on dc, and then later on solve the root of the issue.
I haven’t experience this dc issue myself, but my friend constantly dcs, and there wasn’t a single game I played on the lobby where one of the players wouldn’t dc sooner or later because of this glitch.

The only extra thing my friend noticed is that whenever the dc happens his AoE2 client ends up disconnected from xbox live. Iirc he also went further and tested his connection to microsoft’s server itself to check if any data was being lost, we player a game, he dc, then when he checked the data there was no data lost, so the issue wasn’t him actually losing connection to the servers.

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