Crash immediately when put landmark

Anyone had this issue or just me? I been quite annoyed about this like 5min game crash. My elo just keep dropping because of this. Nice work Relic


Yeah well-known issue. Happened to me once when I tried to put down castle landmark as ENG and happened to lot of my firends at least 2-3 as well.
Whole game is a lotery tbh.

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I experienced my very first game crash this morning, which is rather annoying, as I was just about to beat China FL as Delhi in 1 vs 1…

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Same boat. Crash as soon as villagers hit the landmark with the hammer. It was the white tower as English.

Yeah I’ve also experienced this, have you checked the bug reporting forum to see if it’s been reported there?

Same here. Unplayable until they fix it.

happened to me 1st time ever today. As soon as French landmark finished it crashed.

This game just keeps getting worse and worse.

I used to have the same issue. Checking the local data for errors on steam solved it (2 broken files replaced). At least for me. GL

I also had this issue today in a 2v2 game, placed the kings palace and the game crashed. On checking the steam files as suggested I got the message that one file was replaced.