Crash in the game

Hello everyone! I would like to report that it took several crashes in the game, both online and 1v1 vs AI, I despair because I have tried everything but still in the same problem (the image is frozen, the game closes, etc.) It should be noted that before from the update, my game was running fine, thank you and I hope I am not the only one with the problem, thank you for your attention.


Hi @BenjaURSS1991, Are you experiencing this issue with Age of Empires II: DE or III: DE?

i have the same problem my game was working fine before update…pleace fix the problem

its in AOE II i have the same problem

same issue, all my friends have the problem. Please Fix

[IMPORTANT] Fixing the freeze/crash at the start of the match that came with the 44725 update :: Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition General Discussions (

This might help you, depends how powerful your CPU is if it will let you run at a playable FPS

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The solution doesn’t work to fix crash to desktop problem, but i found a solution for me and my friends without losing performance. We are recovering elo due of crashes in this last week(yes, we tested the ‘solutions’ in ranked games), from 600 to 800 XD, and the most important is that we can enjoy this beautiful game