Crash: Malians Campaign, 2. Chapter: Crash when hut gets destroyed

Game Version: 101.101.32911.0

  • Build: 4395365
  • Platform: Steam


In the Malians Campaign (Sundjata) in the second chapter (The Sting of the Scorpion), the game crashes consistently at one event.

When Sangaran attacks me and destroys my huts in the north, when the third hut gets destroyed, the game crashes.

In the Task Manager I can see that my graphics card is utilized 100% in this short event, the whole time before it was at 20% or so.

You can see the time short before the crash in the attached screenshot. I have the game save around 10 seconds before the crash, but I cant see an option to attach that.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start the campaign
  2. wait until Sangaran attacks the huts in the north
  3. Game crashes after third hut

Can confirm. I also encountered crashes when huts get destroyed during mission 1.

Same here… Tried at least 5 times now… Always the same outcome.

That’s right, when they destroy one of your huts, the game crushes every time…

My game is crashing too, but when my ally looses his huts.

Still happening on 2024. Suppousesly was fixed a couple of years ago but still happening (at least on first two missions).

So far I cant determine the trigger. It seems when the IA attacks some buildings in specific (allies)

Apparently this is something that was fixed years ago, did you get a bugsplat window when it happened?