Crash to desktop when clicking player profile on main menu

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  • GAME BUILD #: 101.101.56005.0 7694700
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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After completing the challenge to build 5 monasteries I went to the main menu to see if I had any new player icons. Clicking the player icon button immediately froze my game and made me crash to desktop.

This issue occurs 100% consistently even after the following steps: verifying integrity of game files, complete uninstall, reboot, new install, all mods disabled, and unlocked additional challenge after the monastery one. Whether clicking the player profile/icon interface after immediately launching or after playing a full match, the result is the same.

The end of the last session log where I prompted the crash (2021.11.21-19.42.44) reads:

Exception type 0xc0000005 occurred at 00007ff718ca3fe0
Writing crash record file.
Writing out log

The crash log reads:


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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Launch game (again, Steam version, no betas/launch options defined). The issue began immediately after unlocking the 3rd event challenge (build 5 monasteries) which unlocks additional player icons.
  2. Click player profile icon or click player name to open profile UI on main menu.
  3. Game will crash to desktop 100% of the time without fail after a few seconds of an unresponsive screen. This happens in full screen & windowed alike with various different settings.

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Player profile menu / player icon selection menu would open as normal and no crash would happen.

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Demonstration video:

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  • N/A

Currently there is a workaround for this: Change to the enhanced debug build if you want to change the icons 📌 [HOW TO] Use the Enhanced Logging Build to generate Networking Logs (Disconnects) and change back if you want to play. Currently the logging build is 1 patch behind the main branch, I hope that they are gonna update that soon as well

Thanks Dawjaw, and thanks for the assist yesterday with diagnosing this. To summarize our findings:

  • Issue is seemingly caused by the Xbox account integration associating me with two different Xbox / Microsoft accounts.
  • This was confirmed by the following lines appearing in logs where the crash occurs:
[rlink - error] 2021/11/22 00:43:05.204 (UTC) XboxPlatform::SetPresence not successful: XboxLiveContext is null
[rlink - error] 2021/11/22 00:43:05.517 (UTC) Unknown presenceID entered
  • As Dawjaw mentioned, profile viewing / icon selection works fine on the logging beta branch, but that’s because it does not have the November update yet evidently.
  • The logging branch session logs indicated that it was able to find my account / ID / info:
[rlink - debug] 2021/11/22 02:22:38.603 (UTC) LoginAsync - response good: 8416 bytes, [0,"puqybyl8esu99hw9nxummkbl9hqf5a",673713036,1637547759,
[rlink - info] 2021/11/22 02:22:38.603 (UTC) Found 1 profiles for account /steam/76561197990741850
[rlink - info] 2021/11/22 02:22:38.603 (UTC) Found profile: /steam/76561197990741850
  • Changing my profile icon in the logging branch and then reverting back to the current version build will persistently keep the icon I changed to, interestingly enough.
  • As far as I understand there’s no way to fix this on the clientside.

Hey @BuiltCosby, thx for the report, for a proper investigation we will need a minidump file
It can be found in “C:\Users\USER\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\logs” will have date-time format, something like “AoE2DESteam-51577-2021.10.07-10.11.24.mdmp”, it should be at end of the folder. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help and have a nice day

Hi @ChristheCo – thanks for checking in on this issue. I’m unable to upload any attachments to the forum (just registered 2 days ago) as I get an error that says “Sorry, new users cannot upload attachments.”

If there’s any way to avoid this, or if you have any sort of workaround, I’m happy to provide the .mdmp of my last crashed session.


If you can upload it to a google drive for example and then share it here, that would work :slight_smile:

Great, thanks @ChristheCo ! Wasn’t sure if there was a rule against vague downloadable / sharing links on the forum but happy to oblige you. Please see the following for my .mdmp file of the latest crash (just reproduced again today):

Any support with this is greatly appreciated. Let me know if more files are needed for troubleshooting or if you’d like to discuss off the forum!

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Hey, thx for the minidump, i have forwarded your issue to our team, and it is now being tracked.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton, please feel free to have them reach out if I can help troubleshoot further. The issue is persisting.