Crash to Desktop when Placing King's Palace

Unfortunately I don’t suppose I can contribute with the warnings log file, since I relaunched the game immediately after the crash…

But it’s been happening - with me, specifically, it’s the King’s Palace. Game was going well, a lot of fun, but got a CTD after placing the landmark in between a gold and a stone outcropping.

Let me know if there’s any way for me to report through the forms, considering I launched the game after the crash.

Hey @rakowozz! Thanks for the report. Was this on the newest version (11963)?

If, next time it happens, you are able to send your warnings.log file over to support, it would be super helpful. Thanks!

I had the same issue with the same building. I relaunched to try to join the game again, then I realized - oh ye AOE4 you cant do this for some reason.

Indeed it was


Thanks, all! We’ll look into it.